Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Double Fun Day

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I made the decision after my run this morning to run again this afternoon. Double run day or as I like to call it Double Fun day. I felt fantastic this morning knocking over 12km by fhe river, beach and beachside trails. I would have run much more but my son had a doctors appointment to get to and I slept in a touch this morning and decided to start my day with a coffee before putting the Inov 8 233’s on getting ready to run.

But my 12km was beautiful, despite a forecast of rain all week the rain cleared today and left heat, sunshine and really humid conditions. I really love running next to the beach on a beautiful day. This morning I ran a few nice hills and didn’t extend myself too much on the flats averaging 4:35 min/km for the entire run.

This afternoon  was just as hot and humid but still a nice run. I knocked over another 8km at 4:20 min/km with the last 2km barefoot on a combinatoon of road and grass surfaces. I really enjoy running barefoot, feels really liberating to take the shoes, if only road was kinder on the feet. I have some Gladsoles barefoot sandals on order and I am really excited for their arrival.

Overall a really enjoyable running day, but I guess why thats why I call the, double fun days.

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