Thu. Jul 18th, 2024


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Yesterday I had my first migraine in about three years. A worrying sign because I have suffered migraine quite a lot, mostly when I was a child but on and off throughout my life.

Only someone who has suffered migraines can know what they actually feel like. Most people just believe they are a headache and expect you to take a tablet and get over it, doesn’t work that way. Yesterday I knew I had a migraine well
before I had a headache. Firstly my eyes go spotty and blurry.  Then I get pins and needles in my lips. After that my memory and thoughts go all over the place. Yesterday I couldn’t remember my bosses name. When the headache finally comes it feels like relief until it kicks in and throbs behind the eyes and sometimes  leads to vomit and sweating.

My last ten years has mostly been migraine free, and I hope yesterday was a one off. However it brought back memories of my childhood where I’d get them almost every other week, it makes me nervous just thinking of going ghr

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