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My 5 Running Goals of 2014

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With only three days remaining in 2013 it’s time to look ahead. I have many goals for 2014 but here are my top five running goals in no particular order.

1) Enjoy my running

Sounds pretty simple, but what I mean by this is I don’t want to be in a mode of training just for races and
chasing race results. Sure my races that I enter are important to me but if you enjoy your running and training it will ultimately help you when racing. The way I plan to do this is also simple.

1: Have a lot of variety in my training. eg Long runs, hill repeats, easy runs, speed sessions.
2: Run my easy runs easy (easier). I have always been guilty of going too hard on my easy days.
3: Run barefoot. I love running barefoot and aim to do this more.

Will also help that I normally run around a beautiful part of the world.


2) Sub 3 for the Marathon

This is my biggest race goal. It’s somewhere where I haven’t been before in my running but I know with the right training I can do this. I have been close in the past but this is the year to do it, and plus I’m not getting any younger. My first chance at this will be at the Newcastle Marathon on April 6 so my early season training will be tailored around this goal and building the strength and endurance needed to run my best over 42.2Km. If I don’t achieve this goal in Newcastle I also plan to run Gold Coast and either Sydney, Melbourne or Auckland Marathons later in they year.

3) Run another Ultra

I really enjoyed the challenge of the Centennial Park Ultra 50km this year and it is definitely on my radar of events later in the year. I didn’t get the time I wanted in this race so I hope to come back and have another crack at this tough event. If not at Centennial Park I will definitely enter another Ultra later in the year.


4) Run less in Shoes

2013 saw me make the switch to running firstly in zero drop shoes and later in the year in pure zero drop Glad Soles running sandals. I really want to run a lot less in shoes and more in my sandals, I enjoy the experience of running without shoes so much. My challenge is to get my legs conditioned enough to be able to run some or all of my longer runs in these. At the moment I can’t do this without some calf pain after some longer runs, this is just my legs and feet still transitioning to having less material under foot then they are used too.


5) Stay Healthy and fit

No running goals list would be complete without a plea to stay injury free, healthy and motivated. I doubt I’ll have trouble with the motivation this year but injury free and healthy takes a bit more planning. I need to run smart this year as I do plan to log some big miles, more than I did this year and racing more over longer distances. I will need to make use of my rest days, run my easy runs easier and focus on stretching and recovery.

With some luck and good planning I am confident I can achieve the goals I have set for myself. I would love to hear what your goals are for the year too.

Happy New Year.. Happy New Running

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