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Off and Running in 2014

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News Years Day 2014 6am and my alarm sounded this morning waking me up for the new day and another day of running. New Years day is really just another day but to me it feels like I need to get the year off to a good start.


So this morning I wanted to get my running off to a good start and get a run in before my family woke up. Out the door at 6:17am I put the GLadSoles Sandals on and ran firstly around the canal frontage properties where I live, there is a nice pathway that goes all around the canal so you can log at least the first two kilometres of my run within metres of the water. From there I followed the water into the city area and saw quite a lot of people out walking or running for early on a public holiday and also the remnants of those still making their way home from New Years Eve celebrations. It made for an interesting contrast how peoples lives differ when an old year ends and a new begins. Overall a 9 Km run at 4:15 min/km was a really nice start to the year.


I arrived home just as my partner and our 6 month old baby boy was waking up, about half an hour afterwards my 8 year old daughter woke up. We had a nice breakfast together and decided to go swimming and playing at the river this morning. We had a great couple of hours at the river before we came home for lunch.


This afternoon we spent the first day of the year relaxing at home before we have family coming over for a BBQ dinner with us. A great start to 2014.

Happy New Year to everyone. Hope 2014 is everything you want it to be.

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