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The road to Marathon – Week 1

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Tomorrow marks 13 weeks until my first goal race of the year the Newcastle Marathon on April 6th and time for me to get myself cracking and get my body ready to run another marathon. I believe in a simple marathon training plan and will be using this philosophy over the next 13 weeks. Five runs per week. 1 x Long Run, 1 x Tempo Run of 60-80mins, 2 x Easy runs and 1 x either Hill Repeats or Speed Work, alternating each week and 2 x rest days. My goal is to increase my long run each week and then have a lighter week every fourth week. I don’t believe I need to do massive miles to get ready for a marathon, but with my goal of running sub 3 hour this year the long runs, hill repeats and speed work runs are very important.

Unfortunately over the last few weeks I have had a niggling pain in my right calf which has not been bad enough to stop me running too much but it is a marker to be careful of how hard I can push myself before I will be forced to miss some runs or worse still injure myself and be out of action for a longer period. With this in mind I will tailor my training so as not to ramp up my miles too much too soon.

Week 1 Training schedule

Monday – Tempo 60mins including 2 x 15 at race pace
Tuesday – Easy 45 Mins
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Long Run 20km
Friday – Easy 30 Mins or (optional race Tri club Aquathon 2.5km run 1km swim 2.5km run)
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Hill Repeats 12km = 6 x The Nemesis

I am doing my long run on Thursday due to this being my day off work for the week. There is an option for a race which is my local triathlon club race, this week being an Friday afternoon Aquathon or Run 2.5km, Swim 1km, Run 2.5km. I am unsure whether I will compete in this or just do my planned easy run, I will let my body decide after the long run. Looking forward to Sunday’s Hill repeats. I have blogged before about ‘The Nemesis’ this week I plan 6 x efforts which is 12km in total.

This year I have made it a goal to run my easy runs easier then I have done before. This week my specific goal is to make sure I do this.

Looking forward to getting my marathon training underway.

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