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When a Runner can’t Run

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Injury strikes every runner at some stage, i’ve had a few injuries over the years but nothing too serious thats kept me from running too much. But at the moment it’s my right calf causing me to need to take a break from running. Prognosis is 1-2 weeks off running and then easing my back to full strength.

This week I am on leave from work and the original plan was to do my running in the morning and spend the rest of the days with my family enjoying the Australian summer. Physio on Tuesday changed those plans. So what does a runner do when they can’t run.? Cross Train? Maybe. Strength Training? Maybe.

For me this week I have decided while the weather is spectacular here on the North Coast of NSW, Cross training means surfing. And strength training means walking from the car to the beach holding a surf board. Surfing is not something I am particularly good at, I have had boards since I was a teenager but since my first child was born 8 years ago tyhere is only a handful of times  its been wet. This week i’ve surfed three days in a row so far and enjoying getting out on it again. When I go running I mostly feel in control, I am in control of my pace, my terrain, my effort. It’s only really in a tough parts of races that I don’t always feel in control of the run and then it’s a matter of hanging tough and getting through the bad timers. With surfing its a little bit different, even in small waves the ocean and the board control me more then I control it. I won’t post any footage of me surfing, my ego couldn’t take it. Having said that much like running, I am enjoying the challenge and the feeling of getting better each time I paddle out. I hope I make time to get out on the surfboard more often when i am back running because much like running it relaxes me and releases the stresses of life.

The other thing I am enjoying during my break is spending some time with my partner and my two kids. We’ve had a great week so far chilling out at the beach, relaxing at home and going out for a few meals. Unfortunately it’s back to work next week and finger crossed back to running too.


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