Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Treading Carefully

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Some really good news is that my calf is felling much better and almost ready to run again, I feel I could run on it now but I’m going to give it a day or two extra to be safe. Coming back from injury even a minor one should be a time to tread carefully, I don’t want to run too early and aggravate the same injury. I also don’t want to run too far or too hard in the first few weeks and aggravate the same injury or even make it worse than the original injury.

This is a challenge for most runners that are motivated to get back out there and return to pre injury fitness or by an upcoming race. The latter is my situation this time, I am currently in week 3 of a 13 week marathon program and the urge to get back out there and put in the regular marathon miles is something I am ignoring. I know if I try and push myself I will be reinjured and out for a longer period which could ruin my entire running year. So when I do run later this week I will be logging some small runs to begin with and these will be mostly on grass at a relatively slow pace. Not that exciting but it’s necessary to tread carefully.

While most of my running friends are putting in big miles training for Six Foot Track in March or Ironman Australia in May. I will be plugging away for a few weeks trying to ease my way back and build my leg strength back up to cope with heavier loads of running. I still aim to be at the start line for the marathon I’d planned in April, I am just taking a different road to get there.

4 thoughts on “Treading Carefully

  1. Best wishes with the injury rehab. It’s tough for sure, especially when you are in peak training/racing season. This year I missed pretty much all my goal races due to adductor problems and then a freak back injury. Now, a month after I’m running regularly, but short short miles, and am looking at a 10K race (as opposed to the 50K I wanted to do) in March. it’s disturbing, but it is still running!

  2. You are right, best thing you can do is to hold your horses and take it easy until you are fully recovered, which hopefully will be soon.

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