Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Running a Mile

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Today I am running my first mile race. It’s a low key event put on by some friends and more to see how fast we can run one. I’ve never raced a mile so not sure how to approach the race but I want to run it as fast as I can.

A mile is not a terribly popular distance in Australia, with metric being our measurment system we very rarely refer to miles. We run kilometres and pace in min/km.

Hicham El Guerrouj went 3:43.13 in 1999 for the world record holding 2:19 min/km. I won’t be that fast. To break the magical 4 min mile you need to be running at 2:29 min/km. It won’t be that fast either.


So a 5 minute mile seems easy then doesn’t it. Umm no, you still need to hold 3:06 min/km for 5 minutes. no easy feat but not unachievable for a runner of my calibre. So I found a race predictor on the internet and based on my age and most recent 5km time it predicts i’ll run a mile 5:11.

Well the race is tonight and I’m looking forward to seeing how i go. Keep an eye on my twitter feed for an update on my first mile race tonight. Whatever happens it should be fun.


3 thoughts on “Running a Mile

  1. The race predictor on the internet I found was very accurate. I ran the mile in 5 min 12 sec yesterday. Looking forward to the next time I get a crack at a distance like this. The challenge of running shorter races is still there, just different from a longer race.

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