Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Back for another Mile

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Next Tuesday evening I am running my second mile race. A month or so ago I blogged about leading up to my first ever mile race put on as a low key event between the running group in which I am a part. We are back for round 2 next week.

Last time I ran a 5:12 mile, went out way too hard over the first half and paid for it in the last 400m. This time I am going to still try and get out hard but hold something in for the last 400-600m. This is where I need to be doing my best work. I think I have the speed endurance to be able to run a sub 5 min mile  sooner or later but I need to learn how to run these shorter events to get the best result.

I’m hoping I can get closer to 5 min this time or if I fluke a tactically brilliant race I could go under. More than likely I will not run sub 5 min mile just yet but I am excited by this new goal.

I am still building miles for my longer races coming up, I have a 30km long run tomorrow and a half marathon in two weeks followed by a 45km coastal run in mid April. My goal is getting as best prepared for those races. Running a mile on Tuesday night is a fun distraction and something I’d like to improve on from my previous effort.

Regardless of the distance it is great to be out there running.

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