Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

2017 Here we go.

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Well 2017 is here and gives us all another chance to chase our running goals for another year.

So far I haven’t set myself any running goals this year further than the Seoul Marathon in March. My training has begun for Seoul with 11 weeks to go until the race and so far things are going really well. I’m working on three main sessions each week. building the distance and time of my long run, a tough hill session and a long interval session. intertwined with these runs are some shorter, slower recovery runs. If I can smash these three runs every week I will be well on track to achieve my goal of sub 3 hour in Seoul.

From a running perspective I haven’t set myself any other goals so far for 2017. I will find and chase these goals once i have this marathon in the bag and have one of these cool finisher shirts. Rest assured there will be other races and other goals. I just haven’t got to them just yet.

Good luck on achieveing your goals in 2017.


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