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15 Days into 2017

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Now 15 days into 2017 and I’ve totalled 100km of running in that time. I’ve ran on nine of the 15 days this year so far. It didn’t start out as planned but we are back on track now.

Week one of the year was almost a write for me as on January 2nd I left work early with a migraine. I don’t get migraines often and haven’t since I has a child, I suffer from about 1-2 per year and mostly they aren’t too severe. This one was probably the worse one I’ve had in 10 years and really hit me hard. For five days straight I had a splitting headache, the first day making me bed ridden for the course of the day and the rest of the week I felt utterly crap. Running didn’t eventuate until Friday of this week and it was a 5km run that I called off early due to feeling crap and I totally just 20km for the week with a couple of average runs over the weekend.

Week two has been 100% better. 81km in the bank and two long runs. one because I missed my long run in the previous week and had the day off work on Tuesday and two because a friend had organised a beach marathon that he was doing as a training run and I was keen to join for a good part of it. First long run was 25km with a 10km se
ction in the middle at marathon race pace. I ran this strongly which gave me confidence that my training is on track. Today i ran the beach long run, starting at 5am I covered 30km in just under 2 hours 40 min and felt great throughout. I started conservatively and then wound up my pace after about 5km and averaged a respectable 5:10 min/km across 30km of sand. We started running at low tide but by the time I had finished the tide was well and truly on the move up the beach making the sand softer and more difficult to run in. Second issue was the weather, rain and windy. With a up and back course covering 10km one way and 10km back the wind was in our face for the first 10km and behind us on the way back after this I turned for another 5km and then back to the starting point to round out the 30km. Overall I felt fantastic during this run which again has given me the confidence that training is well and truly on track for the Seoul Marathon in March. Last issue on this run was the  consistency of Blue bottles that the east coast of Australia has experienced this summer continued and there were literally thousands washed up the sand. Running in Gladsoles sandals has it’s advantages but during 30km on the beach Blue bottle stings were apparent on my feet and both feet were irritated and stinging for a while after the run.



This week I aim to keep my training distances quite high and will run my long run on my day off work on Friday. I will also do my regular hill session early in the week and my interval session mid week. Sunday our running club is running a handicap 10km time trial which is fun event and I aim to attend this. Instead of going all out I will run this race at 5-10 sec/km quicker than my marathon goal pace.

Hope your running is on track towards chasing your goals for 2017.

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  1. Hey, just curious how you relieve your migraines? That sounds like a pretty terrible one you just had! I get them about once a month, or more if I’m not watching my diet. I have found that magnesium helps with mine sometimes. But I’m not sure other times lol. Good luck with your running goals :))

      1. Ahh I have tried to reply to this comment like 3 times! I’m not sure why it hasn’t gone through — hopefully this one does & hopefully you don’t get a bunch of them all at once lol. Anyway, I use a magnesium powder called Natural Calm, and I put a little in a cup of hot water — making a tea with it. I drink it at the end of the night because it makes me relaxed :)) When I finish this bottle I’m going to try a different brand just to see if they have the same effect. Also, I tried the magnesium tablets before and never noticed a difference. If you try it, hope it works for you too!

  2. Great post, glad you’re running!

    To help with migraines (I get them a lot) here’s what I use:

    1. Prescription of Sumatriaptin OR if you don’t do medicine – tons of water, rest and a cleanse. Cleanses can clean out the toxins in your system, which generally migraines come from those toxins. For instance, you could be “backed up” releasing that, you might feel better.

    Hope the migraines never return again!

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