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41 Days to Seoul

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With 41 days now till the Seoul marathon my training is now in full tilt. I am really happy with where I am at currently. I have been getting through all my specific training sessions. With a busy job, a part time university degree to study for and a family I don’t have the time to training 6-7 times per week so i believe in 3-4 sessions per week but every session needs to be a high quality session.

Tuesday Hills – I run a hill repeat session on a couple of good hills near my house. The “Hill” consist of two steep 400m hills with a false flat and flat section in between that total 1.9Km. I do this effort in about 9:30-9:50 and usually do three efforts and return for a total of about 14km with warm up and cool down.

Long Run – The long run is the session each week that I believe is key. My goal has been to slowly increase my long run time and distance to up to 3 hours. My long run last week was 2:30 and felt comfortable at average of 4:40 min/km on a very high humidity day. i am very happy with how my long runs are going

Thursday intervals – My intervals vary between 1-3km repeats and are run at a pace quicker than my normal 5km effort. A 1km interval session I would do 8 x 1km at 3:20-3:30 pace with a 1 min rest. I feel fast and fit when I smash this session out.

Tempo – I don’t always run a tempo session but i find it’s a good gauge of your fitness. Yesterday i ran a 10km tempo run in 38 min. Felt strong and able to hold this pace comfortably until the last couple of km’s where I had to dig a bit deeper. Overall these sessions are not something I do every week but I enjoy running a tempo when i can.

Overall these are the four quality sessions that I’ll do in the lead up to a goal race. Still running all my session in my Gladsoles sandals other than my long run. Really happy with my training and looking forward to getting it done in Seoul soon.




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