Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Exploring my surrounds in Gwangmyeong

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One of things I love most about travelling is exploring a new surrounding on the run. There really isn’t a better way to see a new place then by running it.

The last three weeks in Seoul I have been exploring the city, mostly the Gwangmyeong region where we are staying whilst over here. The climate in Korea at the moment still has the coldness of winter in the air with the spring colours and flowers wanting to find their way through. I’ve spent a bit of time running around the city area and the pedestrian and cycle paths that line the river. But I’ve had my most fun in Gwangmyeong when I’ve gone off on some trails with little idea of where I’ve been going. Twice I’ve left our apartment with a photo of a tourist map on my phone in search for the Zelkova protected tree and came home without seeing the tree. Once I took a wrong turn and got nowhere near it the second time my strava map says i ran straight past it. None of the signs on the trails in English makes it difficult to take a detour with confidence. Tree sighting or no tree sighting I’ve enjoyed the trails around Gwangmyeong. I’ve still got a few more days left in Korea and I’ll make the most of the running it has to offer.

I’m also looking forward to my familiar running surrounds of home next week when I get back to the beach and the coastal areas near our home. Home is a  vast contrast to the climate and terrains near Seoul but both are equally as fun to run.


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