Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

A week running back home

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This weeks running has been exactly what i wanted and had plenty of variety. It’s not been a big training week by any means, I’ve done 39km in total across 5 runs with the longest being 12km this morning.

Returning home from Korea last week with no immediate race to train for I decided to mix up my runs quite a bit. I’ve ran a in my Gladsoles barefoot sandals, Carson Footwear Iguanas and barefoot. I’ve run over different terrains including road, beach and trails and mostly ran by myself.

A had a really exciting run yesterday when I ran with my 11 year old daughter at my local parkrun. My daughter Zali has run two park runs before but this was the first time I’d run with her the whole race. The other times she has preferred to run with friends and i’ve paced her the last part after I’d finished. She has qualified for the zone cross country race at school with very little training and wanted me to help her. Her cross country is 3km so we paced her to 3km and then let her walk/run the last 2km. Zali did a 28:30 for the 5km and I had a smile on my face afterwards running with her and sharing my love of running. I look forward to the next time we can do this together.


I’ve really enjoyed mixing up my training. Barefoot intervals on the beach on Friday, parkrun Saturday and a hard 12km this morning. 12km this morning was 2km on at 3:50min/km and 1km active rest between. Although i’m not training for a specific race I want to keep my fitness and speed over the balance of the time until i find a race and start focusing on it.

While I’m on the variety bandwagon in my running I am close to committing to Beach to Brother Marathon in Port Macquarie, Australia in September. This is a trail marathon around the beach and trails starting from Port Macquarie and finishing at the top of North Brother Mountain. This is 2.5km trail mountain climb to finish a marathon so not a marathon finish for the faint hearted.


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