Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Sometimes running just doesn’t happen.

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From a running perspective this week has been a week to forget for me. Whilst I’ve had the motivation to get out and run it just hasn’t happened and as we stand at 10.06pm on Saturday night my week of running consists of one run of 7.9km.

This is how my week has panned out so far;

Monday – Scheduled rest day – Afternoon travel to Melbourne for work

Tuesday – Scheduled early run in Melbourne – Raining, decided not to run

Wednesday – Scheduled early run in Melbourne – Slept poorly and missed my alarm.

Thursday – 7.9Km – easy beach run

Friday – scheduled early run – Woke up with migraine and went back to sleep

Saturday – Woke up early to do university assignment

Sunday – Scheduled early run

Fingers crossed that nothing gets in the way of tomorrow mornings run.

Sometimes running just doesn’t happen, and thats okay. Life gets in the way and factors come and go that control the amount of time we can run.

This week I travelled to Melbourne for work with two mornings I had scheduled to run on both and didn’t run either. Firstly this is disappointing because I was looking forward to a run in a different environment and secondly because I let rain and a poor nights sleep stop me running and this is very soft and unlike me.

How did your running go this week?


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