Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Same day different hill repeat

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With my training flagging last week with limited running and other life factors getting in the way of my running it’s time to get back my running back on track. I am now four weeks post marathon and my body feels fully recovered leaving me ready to set some new goals to chase for the near future. I’m yet to establish the exact races these will be due to a couple of work related events that need my attention.

In the meantime I am not going to let myself lose the fitness I’ve worked hard to gain so far this year so I plan to get myself back on track with some specific training in the next few weeks. The hills are my friend, I love running hills and fully believe in the value they offer a runner in terms of strength and speed building. I am going to make running hill repeats a weekly part of my training like I was in marathon preparation. Being able to nail a tough hill repeat session also builds confidence that running is improving and when coming back to flatter terrain for racing this confidence resonates.

I’ve picked a few hills near where I live which I will be running repeats over the next few weeks, both on road and trail efforts to be had near my home. Changing up the terrains and location regularly to add variety and keep me motivated.

Otherwise I plan to get back to running a weekly long run in the 20km+ distance at the moment. Endurance is key for distance runners so keeping the endurance I have as best I can will make life much easier when I commit to a marathon or long race in the near future.

Earlier this year every Tuesday was hill day. Tomorrow I’m dialling back in, Tuesday hill day starts again. Different hill tomorrow from the staple hills I used in my marathon preparation but ultimately it’s the same thing. Same day different hill (repeat).


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