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May Running review

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Running in May was deliberately a low mileage month, in total I ran 98km for the month which is my lowest mileage month for the year so far. This was a deliberate attempt to focus on refreshing myself before I start another marathon preparation in mid June.

There were still some quality runs in May as I strived to keep my fitness strong despite limited running time. I continue to run a lot of hills around my home which achieved just over 1300m in elevation gain for the month. I continue to run hills as they are a key to building and maintaining the strength needed for running. I also continued to run a number of interval sessions to focus on speed however the rest of the month was run at aerobic pace and my longest run was an hour.

I was happy to be able to run a 17:37 park run during May which gave me the confidence that taking a low mileage month hadn’t affected my overall fitness base too much. Overall I am happy with how my fitness has been maintained through May and look forward to using this fitness in the next few months and building further.

The last few days of May has seen the weather begin to get quite a bit colder in the normally perfect climate of the Mid North coast of NSW and winter is certainly on it’s way. Will need to adapt to the colder temperatures of winter as I ramp up my training again soon.

A low mileage month in May was just what my body needed to stay active but refresh from a hard training year so far. Happy to go into June and new race preparation feeling as fit as I have at the start of a race preparation and completely injury free. This gives me great confidence moving into a new race preparation phase and I look forward to the rest of the years running.


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  1. Really enjoy your posts. Looking forward to hearing about your marathon training. When and where is the marathon you are running?

    We are just ting into our summer here in Cheshire, England and having to deal with very thick humidity. I’ve never known it to be so nice!

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