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Marathon training plan week 1

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It’s now 14 weeks and 1 day until my next goal race the Beach to Brother marathon and that means the training plan will start tomorrow. this marathon is an off road trail marathon with a steep 2.5km trail incline to finish making it a very tough finish.

For this marathon I will be focussing on my three key training sessions as well as a strength session each week and possibly a recovery run however each week will feature two complete rest days to recharge the body and mind.

The plan for week one is;

Monday  – Rest day – Giving myself an extra day to recover from a head cold

Tuesday – Long Hill Repeats

Wednesday – Strength Session

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – Aerobic long run (1:40 at 5:00-5:20 min/km)

Saturday – Recovery run or rest day

Sunday – Short Intervals (12 x 400m at 3:20-3:30 min/km)

The key sessions each week being the aerobic long run, hills and interval sessions. The long run will increase each week by 20 min until I reach 3:40 in week 7. There are a couple of key performance long runs that I schedule later in my program being a 3 x 14km long race paced effort with a 20-30 min rest between each in week 11 and in week 12 a 30km progressive paced long meaning 10km at 5:00 min/km 10km at 4:30min/km and 10km at 4:00 min/km. These two sessions are designed to top off my training before the taper and give me the confidence that I’m in the right shape to run a great marathon.

Looking forward to week 1 and getting back into some focussed training aiming towards another good marathon result.

Lighthouse beach and North Brother mountain – Part of the course and the mountain top finish to the Beach to Brother marathon



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  1. good luck with training! looks like a pretty place to race 🙂 2 rest days a week is luxury! haha jk. I’m going to start training soon using a new training plan that focuses more on time running rather than miles run. I noticed you have that. I’m looking forward to trying this way out and will see if it gives me a PR 🙂

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