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Marathon training week 2

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Week 1 of my marathon training got off to the start I wanted, getting through my three key sessions comfortably and enjoying my running. These sessions were hill repeats on Tuesday, Long run on Friday and intervals on Sunday. Hill repeats were two of a 1.9km hill which I use regularly and really enjoy the changes in pitch throughout, long run was 1:40 in which I covered 19km and the intervals were short with 12 x 400m between 3:20-3:30 min/km and a 250m jog recovery between. The week also consisted of a 5km recovery run at an easy 5:20 min/km and a strength set which made me sore the day after as i haven’t been doing these enough recently. In total I ran 46km this week, which I believe is more than enough for week 1 of a 14 week marathon plan. Will build the miles up but overall I am targeting lower more focussed mileage with time for recovery than high mileage training.

Finished my interval session to a nice sunrise 

Week 2 takes a similar theme with my three key sessions being the same. Hills, intervals and a long run. I am travelling with my family for a short getaway on Monday and Tuesday to the Hunter Valley, NSW so my key sessions won’t start till I return on Wednesday morning. I will try and have a run while in the Hunter Valley to explore a new location however this will be a recovery paced run and not long in distance.

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Easy run 5-7km

Wednesday – Hill repeats

Thursday – Strength training

Friday – Intervals

Saturday – Rest or Parkrun (the body will decide)

Sunday – Long run

This week I’m aiming for the hill repeats to be the same as last week. This is a good hill to train on and has been a staple of my training in recent times. Intervals will also be similar with a short repeat to build speed, will aim for 14 x 400m repeats. Long run will increase from 1:40 to 2 hours. Looking to continue to build this by 20 min each week until week 7-8 of the training before we increase the intensity of the long run.

Enjoyed getting back into some focussed training this week. Giving myself some time with lower mileage has recharged the batteries and I feel motivated and ready to give my best to the training and the marathon journey again.

Keep running.

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