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Marathon training week 5

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Running went almost to plan this week with my planned runs all getting completed until this morning. Woke up this morning for my long run feeling sick, had a bad headache and zero energy. So I missed my long run which is disappointing but overall it won’t have a major effect on my program. Otherwise things went to plan with my Hills session Tuesday and my intervals on Friday the other key sessions.

I ran a parkrun on Saturday just for fun and ran a great race. I wasn’t planning on having a peak effort but I rolled through the first km in 3:40 and felt great, after which I passed a couple of runners and decided to put the foot down for a while. Soon found myself leading and decided to push to the finish which I got to in a new PB of 17:21. Pretty happy with that result, I like to use parkrun as a fitness gauge occassionly and just test where I am in my running

Week 5 has a similar theme as recent weeks however I plane to make up a little from my missed long run tomorrow with a race pace hour run instead of a recovery run.

Monday –  Marathon race pace hour

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Hill repeats

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Long run 2:40

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Intervals (8 x 4 min 90 sec rest)

Again my focus is my three key sessions to build strength, speed and endurance. Plenty of rest placed throughout the program to keep me fresh and simplify my running.

Happy running this week.

4 thoughts on “Marathon training week 5

  1. Interesting how you do your runs based on duration! I’ve only been using distance as goals in my runs – for example intervals of a certain distance instead of duration. But that’s a good way to plan your runs, I think I might try it. Have you tried both ways? What do you find works best for either one?

    1. I’ve tried both ways and either can work fine. I prefer time as the recovery time is more defined. If I run an 800m interval with a 200m recovery then the recovery is dependent on the speed I jog/walk the 200m. So I prefer time based training for intervals and long runs.

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