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Marathon training week 8

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With training taking a large set back last week as the entire week passed without running. My head cold developed into a flu that had me bedridden for a few days and no running took place for the week.

With the flu still lingering and unable to shake at this point I am taking a soft approach to getting my running back on track. The next fews weeks will determine whether the marathon I am planning for is going to be successful as I’ve missed a humber of key sessions and fitness.

This morning I made it back to running for a 5km aerobic run that’s not a pretty sight. Still have a cough and blocked nose lingering and I really felt this during the run. It was my first run in 12 days so i had expected to lose some fitness.

This week I have no specific plans until the weekend where I will try and make a fist of park run and test my fitness out a bit. And Sunday i plan to have a long run of sorts depending on my health.

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Aerobic 5km

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Aerobic run 30-40 mins

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Parkrun (5km fitness test)

Sunday – Long run (1:30 – 2 hours)




If I can get through these sessions on the weekend and get rid of the last remaining flu from my body I will assess where I am and try and get back into normal training for the next week.

Worst case scenario is that I abort the marathon i am planning and down grade to the half marathon at the same event. Not what i want to do but it’s a possibility if things don’t go to plan. Either way it’s good to be back running after a pretty horrible week 7 of training.

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5 thoughts on “Marathon training week 8

  1. Sorry you haven’t been well! Same thing happened to me near the end of my last training cycle. Lots of tea & rest and have faith in your base. You’ll come back from this!

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