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Running into a gale

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Sometimes you need to run in difficult conditions and currently in NSW, Australia we are experiencing some wild weather. Mostly winds and some very windy conditions over the past few days. Today was particularly windy with the bureau registering wind gust of up to 61km/h today in my home town. The forecast for the remainder of the weekend is similar with the forecast for tomorrow ‘chance of a shower, very windy.’

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 9.41.50 pm

Now the show must go on and tomorrow morning I have my interval session and expect to run this in very windy conditions. Hopefully all my efforts are down wind and all my recoveries are up wind although this feels like wishful thinking. Either way the running continues, a little bit of wind never stopped a good run and it won’t stop me at the break of dawn tomorrow morning.

The running must continue rain, hail wind or shine. Although I highly doubt I will see shine.

What is the worst conditions you’ve run?



5 thoughts on “Running into a gale

  1. I ran in a severe storm with a significant amount of lightning. The storm formed quickly and I was already about 6 miles out.
    One of the first half marathons I ran had the toughest conditions though. Below freezing with wind gusts up to 30mph. My body was numb for most of the race.
    I hope your run tomorrow goes well! : )

  2. I did 14 miles into a block headwind, around 20mph yesterday. Not horrendous, but energy sapping. If it was much worse than that, I’d be tempted to get on the treadmill…

  3. I’ve only a couple of years running experience, but I did 22 miles on Saturday, 14 of which were into a 20mph headwind. It wasn’t particularly bad, but the accumulated fatigue by the end had me on my knees…

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