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Five years without alcohol

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Today, August 26th 2017 marks five years to the the day that I made the decision to quit drinking alcohol. At the time I made this decision I thought it was a. If decision in my life but looking back it has been a positive change to my life and one that I am happy I made.

When I tell people I don’t drink and stopped five years ago a lot of people assume I had a problem with alcohol. This is not true, I made the decision to stop drinking alcohol because of large headaches I would get after even a small amount. The last time I drank I enjoyed three beers with dinner at a work conference and went to bed at 9pm, I woke up at 2am with a huge headache which I had for the entire next day. At this point I knew that my drinking days were over.

Over the course of the last five years I haven’t let the absence of alcohol stop me from socialising. I still enjoy time out with my friends and family and just abstain from drinking.

Not drinking has certainly impacted my health and my running, I never miss a training run because of a hang over and I feel healhtier because of not drinking. By not drinking I’ve been able to have a better focus on (in order) my family, business, running and other aspects of life. By not drinking I’m more motivated to do my best in the other aspects of my life

I can happily say I don’t miss drinking. I thought I would five years ago. I was wrong and I’m glad I made this choice in my life

12 thoughts on “Five years without alcohol

  1. I can’t stand the hangover feeling, and one drink would do that to me. The benefits did not outweigh the consequences for me either. I never drank socially, (maybe one time) or had a problem with alcohol (other things yes but not drinking) but I gave up the occasional glass of wine several years back. What do you order to drink when you go out to eat? Water, lemonade, or coffee for me.

    1. I’m very similar. For me it would be water or lemonade or coffee during the day. For me I don’t miss the occasional beer with friends at all. Which at the time I thought I would.

  2. Very nice, sounds like you made a good choice.

    I’m starting to get to that point too. I never drank much either, but even when I did / do (very) occasionally it’s never really worth the cost, both to my wallet or to my body. Good on you for making a choice and sticking with it.

  3. I stopped over three years ago, never drank a lot, but on the odd occasion I did I felt rough for two days after! Figured it just wasn’t worth it! Not missed it once! But how many people question you!!! And think you’re odd!!!

      1. It’s weird! I’m “lucky” now as I’ve been quite ill and have to take lots of meds – now people “understand” that I don’t drink! Very annoying and I have to bite my tongue from telling them that I stopped before my illness! Just not worth the bother of getting into the discussion

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