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Have you seen the price of running clothing these days?

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Over the past couple of years I’ve been lucky to receive running clothing as gifts from my family members at the key gift giving times of the year. And let’s face it, what runner doesn’t like getting the gift of running clothing.

This has meant that I have not needed to buy running clothing myself for a while. On the weekend I decided I needed some new running shorts, a few of mine are getting a little worn and I thought it was a good idea to treat myself after a tough long run.

So I went to my local sports store to pick out a pair. Well strike me Moses, have you seen the price of running shorts these days. There was barely a pair under AU $50 and most closer to AU $70 and nothing that I liked that much. My initial thoughts were with the housing affordability crisis in Australia and rising utility bills, how am I going to be able to afford to buy some quality running shorts and still provide my family with food and shelter. I didn’t make a purchase, I actually couldn’t really find a pair that I liked enough to spend the money on.

My next thought was to look online, everything’s cheaper online right? No, not running clothing. There was plenty of variety and quite a few cheaper pairs but nothing that looks quality was any cheaper than the physical store. It’s got to be said that I will survive, I’ll find a pair of running shorts that I’m happy with and I’ll pay the money I’m required to pay.


9 thoughts on “Have you seen the price of running clothing these days?

  1. Running clothes in the US are about the same. It is ridiculous. Even if I have a gift card, I often stop myself from buying new clothes if they are not a good price. For some of my running shoes I use Amazon, but I don’t know if they have good quality running clothes. ?

  2. I saw where Amazon is coming to Australia. I think Melbourne (spelling?). I buy my Mizuno Universe racing flats for $35 USD from them. They carry several good brands. : )

    1. You spelt Melbourne correctly. That’s very cheap, it’s about AU $45 and in a shop here you wouldn’t buy quality brand running shoes under $150. Not sure when Amazon are coming, it’s been in the media for a few years here.

  3. Typically, I find that it is cheaper to buy workout clothes during the off season. For example, buying warmer clothes during the summer and summer clothes during the winter. I do not know if the same trend exists in Australia.

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