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Marathon training week 12

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A successful weeks training in week 11 of my program with my key sessions hit as planned. These were my hill repeats on Tuesday which as always tough but managed to get through the run. My long run on Friday I completed 39km and just under my goal time of 3:30, it’s very difficult to run almost past your house after 39 km and I didn’t have the willpower at that stage so I didn’t continue and run the extra 10 minutes. Sunday I completed intervals, these were 10 x 4 min at 3:45min/km with a 1 minute recovery between each. This was a really good session where I felt comfortable throughout and my favourite run of the week.

This week sees my last strong week of training before I start to taper off for the marathon on September 24th. Again my three key session will be run and for remaining runs I will keep the runs aerobic and make sure I get enough rest.

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Hill repeats

Wednesday – Aerobic 40min

Thursday – Intervals ( 20 x 2 min with 1 min recovery)

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Long Run ( 3 x 14km)

Sunday – Aerobic 40 min

As the race gets closer I will run some shorter intervals this week but maintain the intensity that I have been running them. I have changed to these to a 2:1 effort/recovery ratio to help keep me fresher for the Saturday long run.

The Saturday long run is good session which i like to run a few weeks out from a marathon, 3 x 14km = 42km so essentially I am running a marathon in the three efforts with a 20-30 min recovery period between each. These will be run over a undulating trail and beach terrain close to my home at goal pace for the marathon. This session has been a real confidence boosting run for me in past marathons, coming out of the third effort well gives me the confidence that I am able to push my goal pace during the dark times that the marathon throws at you and helps you overcome these.

Looking forward to this week, it’s a week that will  allow me to test my training over the last 11 weeks and see where my fitness is at going into a marathon in a few weeks time.

11 thoughts on “Marathon training week 12

  1. We’re both racing a marathon on the 24th! I like the sound of your long run this week – 3 x 14km would be good to try. Maybe for my next marathon. I’ve also got one more hard week, then it’s time to taper down. Have a great week!

  2. I like your description ‘the dark times the marathon throws at you.’ Gives me a clear idea of what I have gotten myself into. : ) Have a great week of training!

          1. The ones I didn’t train enough for. The Canberra Marathon was my second marathon and I didn’t train enough, had a small injury hamper my training and I suffered for most of the last half. Every marathon I’ve run though have had dark times and learning to relax and control pacing for a short period to overcome them is required. learning how to overcome the tough times has made me a better runner.

          2. I am still learning to relax and control pacing during the tough parts of a race. Thanks for the insight. I was hoping that your answer wasn’t your first. : )

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