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My divorce with pace – Day 4

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Earlier this week I committed to a month of running where I divorced myself from pace. Or at least committed to not monitoring pace during my runs. My watch has been set to a single data only of time to measure to monitor the length of my runs only.

Being overly reliant on technology is an easy trap to make for the modern runner and a trap that I have fallen into at times. My goal for this month of running is to enjoy my running and divorce myself from needing technology to measure my pace on any runs.

When I started running there weren’t GPS watches, I measured my runs simply on feel and perceived effort. I was still able to train and race as well as I do today without technology. My goal is to get back to this level of feel before I start training for another race so that I am ready to train without the burden of technology. Technology will be used to analyse my effort post run.

I guess you could call this the next step in my minimalist running transition. The transition to minimal footwear has enlightened my running and I believe a minimalist approach to technology will do the same.

During these four days of running all my runs have been easy aerobic runs. I have resisted looking at pace or any other metrics during these runs. I have also resisted pushing the pace on these runs and ensured the pace was easy.

What have I noticed in four runs?

  1. I’ve looked at my watch a whole lot less

2.  There is scenery around me everywhere

3. The mind works better with less distractions

So far the divorce from pace has been a positive experience. Looking beyond the next month where the pace will remain aerobic, I aim to continue this approach to when I resume with my three keys weekly runs being the long run, intervals and hill repeats during my next race preparations.

Just some of the scenery I was able to take in during my last four runs.


8 thoughts on “My divorce with pace – Day 4

  1. The coffee picture is great! (Drinking coffee at the moment)
    This is great! I think many runners would benefit from ‘divorcing the pace’ for blocks of time. I try to do this on my easy days.

  2. I love this idea. It can be hard to let the watch go when we spend so much time in training with it. I am planning on taking this approach after this weekend’s marathon. I’ll have a lot of time to be myself and fall in love with the sport again before I start my next training cycle.

  3. I’m weaning myself off my HR monitor (haven’t used it my past 2 runs), I’ll try hiding pace during my base phase too. I’m a big fan of simplicity – as a designer I subscribe to Dieter Rams concept of ‘less but better’. We all need more simplicity in our lives 🙂

  4. Great post and the pictures are making me want to go running. I don’t own a Fitbit or Garmin but it doesn’t stop me from asking my running buddy about the stats on his one when he’s running with me.

  5. There has to be times when you toss pace, heart rate, and other training considerations aside and just go out and run for the enjoyment of it. When I ran last week in the Colorado mountains the only thing I used my watch for was to track time on the trail and (at the end) total distance. It felt great not to worry about anything else. Isn’t this why we run, anyway?

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