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Yes, you can go running without technology

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Its taken me two runs to confirm what I already knew. You can run without technology dictating your running and you will most likely enjoy your running more. With the decision made to let go of the reins on technology and run only with feel I set my watch with one data field set on time during my runs over the last two days.  I am wearing the watch simply to track how long I run for and afterwards to track my distance run over my 30 day run streak period.  While the jury is still out on whether it is better to divorce from technology completely, there are certainly signs to suggest it could be beneficial.

Whilst not focussed on pace, you’ll automatically focus your run on feel and effort. Focussing on feel and effort allows you to not be a slave to the watch and the pace you are trying to stick to. If you feel good you will likely run faster, if you feel a bit off it’s likely you’ll slow down. However you’ll understand how you feel from the effort you put into each step of the run.

If you are not tracking pace, you’ll look at your watch a whole lot less. This is allows you to focus on running and being outside. Enjoy the scenery, fresh air and the reasons why you enjoy running in the first place. I’m guessing you didn’t start running so you could look at your watch, be easier to do this at the pub with a cold beer.

Looking at pace may in fact slow your progress towards your goals. You may be capable of running much faster then what you think and sticking to your goal pace may be limiting you. Run with feel and put in your best effort and who knows how fast you can go.

Take a break from technology, you don’t have to completely stop looking at pace but choose some runs to simply enjoy running and teach yourself to run with feel.

Stop looking at your watch and you may see some beautiful scenery out there.

6 thoughts on “Yes, you can go running without technology

  1. I use a run tracking program, but my phone is unaccessible during my runs so it’s the best of both worlds, I run based on feeling, but have the feedback and stats when I finish:)

  2. Tony, you are spot on. I have learned a lot about running from my son (he is quite a good runner . . . . . . .15:53 5000 meters on the track last spring at age 18). He rarely wears a watch when he trains, and when he does, he usually has only the time on. I am still trying to wean myself from my watch-dependence. But I did get off Strava. Lol Yes, I am competitive, but I started running because I enjoy it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the push for running without depending on technology! I am 100% dependent on Strava though. I enjoy analyzing my workouts. I do run by feeling on easy runs and relaxed long runs. A couple years ago I got into a bad habit of worrying about my pace and checking so much that it would slow me down. So now I only check once or twice for aerobic runs. Watch checking (to me) is like looking behind you in a race to see how close the next runner is. It forces you to tighten up and it messes up your form.

    1. Yes, I agree. Strava is great for keeping a log of one’s training and for analyzing a workout. But, I think Strava was causing me to push too hard on easy days. I do still keep track of most (maybe 70%) of my training electronically.

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