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Running Goals for 2018

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With a new year almost here it’s time to set some running goals for 2018. 2017 was good running year for, I went under three hours for the first time in the marathon and remained injury free for the entire year.

This year I’ve decided to make a return to triathlon in an Ironman 70.3 event in May. Since I made this decision my motivation to complete this race has increased. I’m very happy to make this choice and look forward to training for this race. On top of this continue to train for at least two marathons and further my advocacy for barefoot running.

Goals 2018

Better my marathon personal best.

I have committed to running Canberra Marathon, April 15th and will start specifically training for this event in the next two weeks. This race will be my goal race for the year and one the one that I will look to run my best time. My personal best for the marathon was set in Seoul this year at 2:57 and the goal for Canberra is to go quicker than this.

I feel I need to prove to myself that my sub 3 hour marathon wasn’t a fluke and go quicker than I have before. A sub 2:50 is in the back of my mind but that’s the stretch goal for this race.

Goal – Sub 2:57 in Canberra.

Sub five hour Ironman 70.3

Previously as a triathlete I was able to break five hours at the Ironman 70.3 distance. With 4:53 my best time for this event. However I haven’t competed in a triathlon in six years now.

Ironman 70.3 in my home town of Port Macquarie is three weeks after my marathon. I need to be ready to swim 1.9km and cycle 90km strongly before I run the Canberra Marathon. I haven’t seriously swam or cycled for six years now so getting back to fitness in these two disciplines and still being ready to run a sub 2:57 marathon will be a challenge.

Over the past few weeks i have been back on the bike and been pleasantly surprised by how quickly my cycling legs are coming back. After three weeks of cycling I am starting to feel relatively strong on the bike (for a runner) and my aerobic fitness is still very good from running. My feeling is that cycling will compliment running and increasing my aerobic fitness further the more I ride. I’m yet to head to the pool, but need to soon.

I don’t want to come back to triathlon and not be able to be as fast as I used to be. I am running better now than six years ago and there is no reason why I can’t get back to this standard.

Goal – Sub 5 in May at Ironman 70.3

Run only in minimal footwear

If you’ve been reading my posts in the last 12 months this will seem a no brainer. This year I ran only in minimal shoes and sandals and was able to run injury free for the entire year. In 2018 I will continue to only run in minimal footwear, most of my runs will again be in sandals.

I want to continue to be an advocate for barefoot running and spread the word of the benefits of moving to this type of running footwear. It has changed my running enjoyment and longevity by increasing my foot strength.

Goal – Only run in minimal footwear

Stay Injury Free

This is obviously linked to the previous goal but staying injury free is a high priority. Being injury free is a major advantage when training for any race, getting even a minor injury through a race preparation can be very frustrating and makes it more difficult to be ready on race day.

Transitioning to barefoot running has increased the strength in my feet, this has been the catalyst for an injury free year. My belief is continuing barefoot running will continue to strengthen my feet and legs. hopefully by the end of 2018 my feet will be bullet proof.

Goal – Stay injury free

Goals are what drives the challenge of running. As runners commitment and then discipline is what keeps us on the path to achieving these goals.

If you have any goals for your running in 2018 I’d love to hear them. What are you aiming for? how will you achieve?



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