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Interview with a runner – Amanda Moore

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Amanda Moore is a runner from Dallas, Texas. Amanda is a very good runner with an impressive list of personal bests. Amanda runs in a combination of her Vibram Five fingers and minimal racing flats and is also a high mileage runner putting in some big mileage weeks through the extremes of the Texas summers and winters.

Amanda’s list of personal best times are as follows;

5k 19:01
10k 40:32
8 mile 52:12
15k 1:01:40
Half 1:29:17
Full 3:26:50

Amanda was kind enough to answer a few questions about her running.

How long have you been running, and how did you start?

I ran track at a young age and had much success in the 400 meters, the 800 meters, and high jump at both a State and National level, but a stress fracture and life threw me off track which ultimately ended my track career. It didn’t, however, change the fact that running was in my blood, so, years later in 2011, when I read the book Born to Run, I felt driven to get out there and start again. At 25 years old, I began my journey as a long distance runner. I started out slow and ran only a few miles at a time. After a couple of months, I signed up for a half marathon and gradually began increasing my weekly mileage. Looking back, when I signed up for the half, I was hooked.

What running achievement are you most proud of?

Tough question… I am most proud of my first sub 1:30 half marathon in December 2015. I set the goal of running sub 1:30 by the end of the year in January 2015. I trained hard, raced hard, and pushed myself all year to reach that goal. At that time, my long distance running career had included no formal training, no coach, no written out training plans or race strategies. When I crossed the finish line in 1:29:44, I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I cried. Reaching that goal meant so much to me, and while that is not my fastest time, or “biggest” achievement, that is the achievement I am most proud of.

What is your biggest tip to becoming a successful runner?

Believe you can. Work hard. And don’t give up!

What is your favourite training session?

It’s a toss up between Summer and Fall, but I think I’ll go with summer. I love to sweat, and I love working hard. Summer in Texas is no joke. It’s hot. It’s humid. Sometimes a break from the heat is nice, but overall, it’s my favorite training season because I know I am putting in hard work that will pay off in the fall racing season. Most of the summer is base training for me which includes hill repeats, 200 meter repeats, relatively short tempo runs, 16-20 mile long runs, 5k’s, and high weekly mileage (60-80 miles per week on average).

How do you stay motivated when you don’t want to run?

I think of my goals and remind myself that I feel better when I stay on track. Most of the time, if I just get out there and start to run, the hesitation, doubt, and dread fade away, and the desire to run kicks back in.

What are your favourite running shoes?

New Balance Hanzo Racing Flats, Vibram Five Fingers KSO Evo, Mizuno Wave Universe 5. All minimalist shoes! I currently race and train the most in the New Balance Hanzo Racing Flats.

What are your goals for the future?

As for time goals…to run a sub 3:00 Marathon, a 1:20 Half Marathon, and a sub 19:00 5k
Another goal of mine is to place in the top 3 in a Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Half or Full.

Thanks for your time Amanda.

If you want to follow Amanda’s running journey you can find her training and racing logged on her blog at Amanda is honest and open in her blog and it is always entertaining reading.

You can also catch her on Facebook at I am a Runner, Instagram at and Strava under Amanda Moore.

Thanks again to Amanda for her time and good luck with your running goals in the future.



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