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Top Mistakes to Avoid with Home Workouts

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During this period of quarantine with gyms closed and social-distancing in place, people everywhere are turning to home workouts as a means of keeping fit both physically and mentally. Even people who don’t normally exercise regularly are tuning into Youtube and Zoom workouts because they finally have the time to spare and nothing else to do. 

At-home workouts are great for anyone who likes to exercise on their own schedule and at their own pace, often with as little equipment as just a pair of suitable shoes. Some people find gyms to be intimidating and don’t like to sweat in front of other people; this solves that problem. Plus, at-home workouts are much cheaper…

If you have started exercising at home for the first time, be aware that there are some simple guidelines to follow to keep you safe. To help you with your workouts, we’ve outlined the main mistakes to avoid while at home. 

Not Making a Schedule

The hardest part by far of doing any kind of workout is showing up. When you are by yourself without a class booked in advance, it becomes even harder to hold yourself accountable for exercise. 

Try this instead: Set aside an hour every day for your workout and do it then. You may not use the full hour, but at least you will know that you showed up and did something for yourself and your body.

Not Creating a Designated Workout Space

It’s stressful to do yoga with a coffee table three inches away and it’s even more stressful to do it with a dog barking at you nonstop. Many people make the mistake of not setting aside a corner of their home for workouts and just doing them wherever they happen to be at the time. 

Try this instead: If you don’t have an actual workout room, create one for this quarantine period. It could be in your basement or a spare office. Set up your mat, weights, whatever it is that you normally use and leave them there. Next time you go to exercise, you’ll feel excited to go to this little space away from your work area and kitchen.

Doing Only One Type of Exercise

There’s nothing more boring than doing the exact same exercises everyday. This is a big reason why people stop workouts: they just get tired of it day after day and it becomes a chore.

Try this instead: Mix up your workouts so that they actually feel fun. If you do HIIT one day, switch to yoga the next, then Pilates the following. Some days you might only feel like doing arms or stretches — that’s okay, it’s something. Switching up your exercises will keep you motivated in the long run.

Failing to Listen to Your Body

You should not try exercises you are not ready for just because your favorite trainer on Instagram is doing them in their Live story. If something hurts you in any way, stop immediately. Don’t force yourself into a split when you’re not there yet or do burpees until your muscles start to ache. This is not benefiting you as you are likely to get injured. 

Try this instead: At-home workouts should be a slow build-up, taking each day one at a time until you get stronger. Start with exercises that you have done before and increase the reps day by day. To ensure proper form, you can book a 1-on-1 class online so that the teacher can tailor the exercises to you and guide you through them. 

Exercising at home can be fun once you get into the routine of it. It will keep you feeling fit and healthy without your daily commute and visits to the gym. Plus, it’s a mental break that boosts your mood naturally — something we all need during these difficult times. 

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This post is authored by Clarissa Rivera from Taos Footwear.

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