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Joe Nimble Nimbletoes – Review

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Joe Nimble Functional footwear is designed to promote natural foot function. Joe Nimble believe the key design component to making the foot more functional is enhanced Toe Freedom

There is more to the design then pure toe freedom. To allow the foot to function as nature intended there are in fact 4 important features in Joe Nimble footwear.

These being;

  • Zero heel drop
  • Toe Freedom
  • Flexibility 
  • Ground Feel

In Australia Joe Nimble footwear is available through online retailer Bprimal ( Bprimal specialise in minimal and functional footwear, shipping throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Over the past few months I’ve given the Joe Nimble Nimbletoes and thorough good testing in a variety of settings. My first impression when wearing the NImbletoes is they are very thin and have a high level of ground feel. The Nimbletoes has a 4mm Vibram sole and 4mm inside meaning they are on the more minimal side of most minimal shoes. This is quite noticeable from first wear but still comfortable and the ground feel is welcomed.

I purchased the Joe Nimble Nimbletoes for the purpose of an everyday functional shoe. I use these for functional exercises and strength training, hiking and trail walking, casually and for some physical work. Over all these conditions they provide what I was looking for in a minimal shoe.

So how do Joe Nimble’s claim of Toe Freedom stack up on the Nimbletoes? The Nimbletoes don’t look like the widest of minimal shoes I’ve worn. They certainly look wider than a traditional sport shoe, but I’ve worn shoes that look much wider. Ample space in the toes is an essential characteristic of a minimal shoe and Joe Nimble didn’t miss the mark. There is plenty of room for Toe Freedom to be achieved. The foot can move naturally and splay without the shores inhibiting movement at all. Shoes that compress the toes together become uncomfortably quickly if you are well adept in wearing minimal shoes. The Nimbletoes are comfortable to wear for long periods of time spent on the feet.

Nimbletoes being zero drop, very minimal and as flexible as a minimal shoe should be, they give the foot the ability to move naturally and be aware of the space they occupy. These are necessary attributes of a minimal shoe and they provide great comfort for a variety of uses.

Ground feel is excellent due to the minimal aspect minimal aspect of the Nimbletoes. With just 4mm of Vibram sole underneath a 4mm footbed the Nimbletoes the awareness under foot is as pronounced as you generally get in a minimal shoe. The more minimal the footwear you wear the more awareness you have underfoot. This give the wearer a great experience on all surfaces. While there is still great protection underfoot the ground feel means you feel (in a good way) the surfaces below. If you a new to barefoot or minimal shoes this may sound quite foreign, as you transition you become more comfortable feeling underneath you until it is a requirement in all foot wear.

The Nimbletoes has quite a lot of grip for a shoe this minimal. The sole has a number of small knobbles on the edges of the sole. I found this provided very good grip for the hiking I’ve done in them. This was more than adequate and provided all the support I needed even on loose packed dirt trails. While I didn’t buy these shoes for running and have done very little running in them, I believe they would also be very suitable for most trail running terrain.

My favourite aspect of the Nimbletoes is the comfort they offer. They are very comfortable wearing for long periods on your feet. Over the arch and midfoot regions, they feel relatively tight which gives support and makes them feel stable, however certainly doesn’t impact the comfort of the shoe. With a wide toe box, they give the foot plenty of room to splay and this only adds to the overall comfort.

Having worn the Nimbletoes regularly for the past few months they look and feel a very durable shoe. Over this time there has been no real signs of excessive wear on the soles and the upper on the shoes is still brand new. I expect the Nimbletoes to give me good wear for many miles to come in them,

Overall, I found the Nimbletoes a very good minimal shoe. They are offer good support and stability and the minimal aspect and design makes for a comfortable. Joe Nimble live up to their promise of making the foot more functional with enhanced toe freedom. The toes have ample room to move naturally. Ground feel is excellent and a highly desired feature in minimal shoes. The Nimbletoes are certainly a great addition to my minimal shoe arsenal and highly effective option as an all-round exercise shoe. 

Disclaimer: For the purpose of this review I was provided with a discount through I also purchased the Freet Tanga through BPrimal, you can find my review of these shoes here.

BPrimal based in Brisbane sell a range of minimal and functional footwear through Australia and New Zealand online. they have Australia wide shipping for AUD $9.95 on entire range.

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