This blog is called The Runninger and I am Tony.

I live in Port Macquarie,  Australia in a beautiful town right on the east coast. I have a beautiful partner, two awesome young kids and love my life with them.

My passion is running and this blog is dedicated to my journey, stories and thoughts about running. I have always been a runner since primary school when I really enjoyed running cross country. During high school I lost touch with running and it was only in early adulthood that I re-found it.  I began running again after I moved away from the small town I grew up in to Sydney, I started running again because I didn’t know any people so i decided to start doing some running for fitness and haven’t stopped much in the last 20 years.

I have run a number of marathons, many half marathons and shorter fun runs and really enjoy the challenge and feeling of accomplishment I get from running. In the last few years I converted to a minimal or barefoot running technique and enjoy running in both minimal shoes or also the sandals which you will see some posts about through this blog.

In this blog I don’t profess to be an expert on running or having any medical qualifications to claim an authority on running technique. I aim to share my experiences with running and share my love and passion for running.

Run with patience, run with passion, run with heart.

If you’d like to talk running or have any questions please reach me at therunninger@gmail.com

Just run



Tony before the recent Seoul Marathon 2017.

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